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. >> how do you get a bill that high? >> the education of lauryn hill was her famous cd. >> miss education. >> good point. >> thank you for being an educated audience and choosing us at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >>> i'm mike hydeck. monika is out. beverly farmer has traffic today. mr. bernstein is going to start it off with a green day. >> it's still kind of muggy. we are looking at showers and storms in pennsylvania and just slipping into western maryland. for us the isolated to scattered storm this afternoon is what we'll be worried about, kind of like yesterday but a quiet morning. we don't have the wet streets like yesterday so beverly said it's better than yesterday. i agree with her. 84 by noon. we'll get sunny breaks. then thank the threat for the passing shower or storm. high of 88. back to 87 at 5:00. south winds at 10. your outdoor plans, you want to get them in, get the outdoor run in, probably better early than late because. the temperatures. here's the moisture we're watching in ohio, pennsylvania, west virginia. it's moving southeast. some of this is not even reaching the g
.5%. as the rates raise, so does the cost of education, up to a max of 8.4%. democrat senator joe manchin is working with republicans and has proposed a similar plan with one key difference. it won't use the savings to pay down the nation's debt. >> in this bipartisan group we all agree that profit should not be made on the parts of students going to school. >> but majority leader harry reid said he will not tie it to any rates on the u.s. market. the loan debt now exceeds $1 trillion which economists fear is stifling students and others as well. anne-marie? >> tara mergener in washington. thank you, tara. >>> well, tropical storm chantal is threatening to become a hurricane. the storm is about 200 miles south of puerto rico. the sustained winds are at 60 miles an hour. chantal is expected to hit the dominican republic this afternoon. a hurricane watch has been issued for the island. the storm could hammer the bahamas tomorrow and then head up the east coast to florida. >>> well, coming up on the "morning news," honoring the fallen. thousands attend a memorial for the 19 hotshot firefighters killed
retirement contributions and their educational programs are being reorganized. despite the problems the top executive insists it is not in any financial trouble. >>> a new report surfacing tonight from the center for investigative reporting alleges disturbing practices being offed on prisoners. this report -- performed on prisoners. this report says doctors with the california department of corrections and rehabilitation sterilized nearly 150 female inmate from 2006 to 2010 and without getting required state approval. 100 more may have also been illegally sterilized in the late 1990s. the women were signed up for surgery while they were pregnant and cowed at the california institution in -- housed at the california institution in corona and cinchilla. what do you think about this one? they didn't get state approval, but do you think the institution was really looking out for the inmates or as one former inmate put it, do you think the women were treated like animals and the prison didn't want them to breed anymore? i need your thoughts on that. the address here, >>> the s
violence in poverty is education. so we want to replace it with something else and we have a lack of qualified people for the jobs out there thousands of jobs. >> reporter: it has 150 single laptops that l-they will offer -- that had they will offer for for trained and they will also offer free computer training classes. skilled from everything from simple repair to security. allen is taking his training to college. >> i'm young, certified. the future awaits. >> reporter: young people need opportunities to make good choices about life. fewer choices means more temptations. by taking some guns off the streets, it's hopeful this will open doors. >> one thing is knowing how to operate them but knowing how to manufacture them, utilize them and take parts and utilize your knowledge on computers and making something positive out of it is really a good thing. >> reporter: now the computers for guns exchack -- exchange will be this saturday. the computers aren't brand-new but will run the latest programs. they're looking forward for young people to come forward and enroll in training to l
throughout the community. she's also exclusively our education reporter. she will be greatly messed. what do you remember? >> oh, my goodness. how time flies. i can't believe you're bringing that footage back. oh, my gosh. >> no one's ever going to see. we have it. if don't bring that back. it's been a good ride. it's been a long ride and after ten years at this station i'm embarking on a new adventure and challenge i've accepted a position as public information officer with hartford county government. i will miss you the viewers. i want to take a moment to thank for allowing me into your homes each day and trusting me to tellier your stories, i've grown so much here at abc2 news. i won my first emmy award and recently learned i was slicked for an naacp award. i'm not from here. but the community adopted me and made me feel very welcome from the start and for that i'll always be grateful. it's been an honor and a pleasure to serve the baltimore area and i hope many of you will keep in touch. continue to follow me on facebook and twitter. thank you so much for the fond memories and it's been
. >> have a designate the driver for your boat just like a car. quickly, you have better education classes, is that right? >> correct, we offer classes through our online website. you can go to to take a course. also coast guard puts on an excellent education course and for some of those individuals who require or would like to have a more hands-on feel some classes are actually taught where you can go and participate in the class to get a better understanding of the rules on the water. >> we'll talk more about boating, on the occoquan later on in the show. this weekend sunny and mid 80s. this is a good gig this morning. let's go inside. amanda, the traffic here? different story on 95, the beltway, 270, everything else, how we rolling? >> that's right, even though it's clear on the water adam is we have things picking up on the roadways. we're starting to see moderate delays and an incident on 95 northbound, that's coming in from dale city. live shot on 201 coming through college park in and out of the silver spring area, things are looking beautiful there, just picking up a little bit on
is designed it's taking you from absolutely no experience or education and any sort of disaster response and bringing b you up to an area where at lease you a can be self sufficient in. >> what is the status of your patient? is he conscious? he is responsive? >> they can take this training anywhere they go whether they on a vacation or they in church or they at their place of business, they can use this training. >> that training kicked in when cert volunteer deidre fraiser drove up on an accident. >> you go in prepared becauseepr you know what you have to do.o. >> she didn't hesitate to take control. >> i assisted to make sure the victims were okay and tried to direct traffic so none of the other people would get hurt or o another accident would happen. h >> knowing what to do gives her an invaluable tool.uabl >> gives you the ability to trust in your instincts. [crying] >> it will allow you not only the knowledge but cdz -- confidence to da what you can. >> -- to do what you >> because whur waiting for someone -- when you are waitinge for someone to get there -- >> it takes a w
. to learn more about maryland charter log onto our website, and click on education alert. live in the 11 newsroom, tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. the murder trial of the man accused of killing 13 people in fort hood, texas began today. >> also, the attempted alleged kidnapping in ohio this weekend. how the incident was foiled at a midwestern amusement arc. >> and why you may want to log on before filling up. >> covering the nation tonight, in ohio and is facing gun and drug the session charges, but lawmakers say that broadening christian should the facing grisham shouldey be facing charges of kidnapping. a father says that he tried to pick up his son and put his sunglasses on the child. prosecutors confirm that those sunglasses had a camera and the lens. the boy's cousin foiled his attempt to abduct the child. wrecks and jury selection in the murder trial of the army psychiatrist accused of opening fire at war could nearly four years ago. ofor nidal hasan is accused going on the rampage that killed 13 and injured nearly three dozen others. the trial is expected to l
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to the training is designed is taking you from absolutely no experience or education and any sort of disaster response and bringing you up to an area where at least you can be self-sufficient in an disaster. >> john, what's the status of your patient? is he conscious? >> they can take this training anywhere they go on vacation or their church or place of business. they can use this training. >> that training kicked in when certificate volunteer drove up on an accident. >> you go in prepare mode -- >> she didn't hesitating control. >> i was able to assist and make sure the victims were okay and then to try to direct traffic so that none of the other people would get hurt you know or another accident would happen. >> knowing what to do gives her an invaluable tool. >> it gives you the ability to trust in your instincts. >> it will allow you the knowledge and confidence to do what you can. >> because when you're waiting for rescuers to get there someone's life maybe in your hands. >> it takes one to help one you know. we have to help each other. >> it's a good way to help your community and get
the museum has laid off workers and has reorganized educational program and trying to create new fundraising. >>> the governor outlines transportation plans for aplansa county that is ripe for developments. why the projects could lead to o hundreds of new jobs. >>> why street cars are one step closer to becoming a reality in d.c. >>> council membersmembs cracking down a crimes, the steps being taken to protect th elderly from financial abuse. o >>> an economic boost to prince george's county, not only willy, it lead n to more jobs t will he any of us that commute beth be peaker has the details. >> reporter: this is not far nt from the metro station, as can you see, this is a tough place l for a pedestrian to cross the road. >> i don't think it's possible.s >> reporter: it's kind of hard. >> the governor says this problem and a number of others could be fixed with projects he announced today. >> it will make our roads safer and per for pedestrians, and also better to move traffic. >> reporter: maryland's governor o'malley announced a $50 million investment in for aa new acc
mean? it's three agencies of government when i get there that are gone, commerce, education and the -- weight the third one there, let's see. the third agency of government i would do away with education, the -- commerce. and let's see. i can't. the third one i can't. sorry. oops. ♪ >> is it the mitt romney that was on the side of against the second amendment before he was for the second amendment? >> it was actually the reason that we fought the revolution and the 16th century. >> i grew up on a farm. i grew up -- i grew up on a farm. >> on a farm. there you go. rick perry, ladies and gentlemen. >> some things you can work with. >> that isn't one of them. >> oh. >> willie! >> coming up next -- >> willie! you have let me down. where's the bad lip syncing? >> oh. >> oh. >> yeah. >> we didn't -- >> that's the point, joe. we didn't need it. >> oh, no. you always need it. what is it? don't forget the what? >> something for the gas jets. >> come on. >> eugene robinson joins us. plus a live report from san francisco next. >> don't forget the gas. ely for its traffic, congestion,
dream. the way to do that is afford an education. we cannot afford it with rates doubling. >> reporter: now, it's still unclear if even that proposal vote can pass today. if it fails that could open up congress to a much larger debate kate and chris. >> thank you, erin, very much. >>> here's why it matters here. the politicians have said that education is a priority. we all know that is the way we move our economy forward. and not only are they not advantaging students. they're disadvantaging students. it doesn't make sense. you want to tie it to what the mortgage rates are based on, fine. >> i think the only silver lining here is that many students don't seek out these loans until august. >> right. >> so there is a little bit of room for them to fix it. but i think the frustration is always why do you always have to go up against a deadline and miss the deadline and then try to fix it. >> that's right. make this a political football. all the family's hopes for the kids this is what you fight over. >>> let's get to michaela for the latest. >>> good morning to you at home. making news e
that walgreens and blue cross blue shield will help educate people about the law. the administration's worried about all that because so few people understand the law. many don't like it as well. a recent kaiser poll said only 19% thought they would be better off under the law, and a fox poll found people oppose it by a margin of 55-40%. so they've got a long way to go, and they know it. jenna? jenna: jim, the house is having a hearing today challenging the president's authority to delay the employer mandate which was part of the law, and now we know they have that delay until 2015. what is that all about? >> reporter: well, that's right. even though republicans would like to repeal the entire law, they're questioning whether the president has the power to implement the parts he wants or that don't cause him political problems until after the elections in 2014. now, the chairman of one house committee says the delay in the employer mandate sent a clear message. listen. >> while the white house continues to suggest obamacare will be ready on october 1, the stunning delay of the employer mandate
backgrounds, education, work experiences. one thing all lawyers no good luck predicting what they're thinking. even lawyers who present cases think a particular juror is in their camp and if they have the luxury of interviewing afterward they find they were dead wrong. >> lisa bloom said that's not a consideration for this. john, what's your thought? >> i have the same view. i think more importantly what wr do they come from. what are their experiences? have they had experiences that allow them to understand the urban experience and the standard african-american community, had some contact with it and do not buy into the stereo typical notion of african-american teenagers. do they have an open mind. they all bring difference experiences. i don't believe an all woman jury means you convict. it may mean that these are all individuals and they will look at it differently. >> what's your perception of the make up of the jury? >> i would not have liked this jury because there's no african-americans on the jury. you need someone who can fight and understand the issues and educate the other jurors.
are pouring in to try to educate me. taylor swift getting involved in our goat debate. is it true? >> steve: it's true. >> brian: we'll go to the goat boy and find out what he thinks. "fox & friends'" third hour starts just about now. >> steve: that, by the way, is a sheep. >> steve: that was a rooster sound. that's a cow. we've been playing with sounds -- that's a dog. we've been playing something we thought was a goat. it's actually sheep. >> brian: here is the thing, i know if a tree is tilted and you can walk up, but i can't see a tree doing what a -- a goat doing what a monkey does. >> gretchen: have you ever heard of mountain goats? i stymied him! >> brian: see, i could see a goat climb a boulder. >> steve: these are the famous famous -- look at this. it is you such a miracle. >> gretchen: it's not! if you go to certain parts of the world, you can see goats climbing up on cliffs that you -- the rappeller, professional climber couldn't rappel on. >> brian: for a while, dolphins were solving crimes. (buzzer) i expect anything to happen. my feeling is that this must be stunt goats. this
possible changes in gun ownership. >> gretchen: educators at one school district not making the grade. the hempstead school district. >> brian: on long island. >> gretchen: new york. released a summer reading list. one big problem? there is more than 30 errors on it. here are some. the "the great gatsby" became the greatritten by george orwell. the school district said it was george ornell. >> brian: same thing. >> gretchen: canterbury tales is now just one canterbury tale. no word yet from the school district. >> brian: all right. >> gretchen: that's sad and funny at the same time. >> steve: we've been showing you all morning long clues to who our breakfast buddy is today. >> brian: here is one of your clues. this brooklyn native knows how to control a tough crowd. even had an anchor seat on snl's weekend update when it was really funny. it's comedian, outstanding writer, funny guy, collin quinn. [ applause ] there he is! how are you? >> hi. >> gretchen: good morning. >> steve: how are you? >> i'm great. >> steve: you're really great. you've got a show right now. >> actually not that
, but also financed his education when he came out of the national guard and ended up going to college off the g.i. bill. gregg: sergeant lunsford, thank you so much for your service and your tremendous sacrifice. i know it's been tough. you've expressed yourself well, and you're going to be one of the lead witnesses in this case. thank you so much. >> you're welcome, sir. martha: powerful stuff. jon scott is standing by with a look at what's coming up on "happening now" today. hi, jon. jon: it's about time that trial gets underway, huh, martha? there is also big news today on two fronts on obamacare. the hhs secretary just a few minutes ago trying to push forward with that law as the obama administration steps up the push on the health care overhaul. it comes as the gop continues its full frontal assault trying to block it. joe trippi and jonah goldberg weigh in. >>> plus, the boston bombing suspect makes a court appearance today. we will talk with the mother of two of the victims of the terror attack there. >>> and the whitey bulger trial turns explosive. a courtroom fight over who is th
as the person who is attending the birth is educated and supports the body and the woman, and her choices, it's a good experience. >> reporter: an experience a new mom or mum will never forget. for "good morning america," bianna golodryga, abc news, london. >> laughing gas is interesting. here to talk about it, abc news senior medical contributor, dr. jennifer ashton. let's talk about mid wives. not that common here. very common in britain. >> absolutely. they have much more access to mid wives there. we need more in this country. i actually had the privilege of raining with the largest group in new york city. i worked wide-by-side with them. but there's a lot of misconceptions about midwifes. obstetrician equals every intervention. and in reality, it's blended. mid wives do use epidurals and antibiotics. they can't actually perform the major surgery. >> and kate's going to have two ob-gyns, right? >> yes. and i wasn't asked. >> and also, far fewer c-sections over in priso britai. why is that? >> we're not sure. they have fewer deliveries. and they use more mid wives and have a better approac
to in the meantime. >>> how about the come-on congress. they say education is a priority, they helped the banks, they help homeowners with mortgage rates, student loans pop up, they say they'll fix it and make it retroactive, any action yet in. >> there's a compromise on the senate side. joe manchin from west virginia was involved in getting background checks on guns compromise, angus king, new independent from maine, a couple governors involved as well. on the senate side you see an effort closer to the president's plan, peg them on treasury bonds. graduate rates higher than regular loans. we see movement in the senate, but the big question is the republican controlled house when they look at the proposal does it make them change at all? we don't know the answer to that yet. it's nice to see progress but the house is more important than the senate. >> especially in this one. john king great to see you, thank you. >> thank you. >> republicans say education matters also. this is a mystery. >> republican house says they've already passed a aboutily in may. >> look at the rates, got to put the rat
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choose very specific roads and that's why education is so important and that's why, you know, being a good family role model and insulating kids as they're growing up. i have a very, very specific way i think kids should be raised and that is loving and supported and insulating and giving them all the knowledge you have and including them, not excluding them. >> we are anxious to see the book. the recipe box is in stores now. thank you so much. appreciate it. coming up next, we'll go head to head and snail to snail against ryan reynolds in the race up the building for "turbo." they're already practicing. but first, this is "today" on nbc. >>> all right. we're back now. we have been counting down to our big ski ball competition all morning long. the waiting is over. it's time to get started. >> it is. ryan reynolds will be manning turbo, your nail from the movie. we have an expert here. an nbc sports commentator. he is going to call the race. at this point, lee, i have to turn it over to you. >> we're ready to go. this is going to be a lot of fun. the guys that do it for reel behind
need -- >> a new initiative on early childhood education rolled out in a video last month. out of office but on the road again. this week a women's forum. >> more and more women are being accepted. they're proving that they can contribute and they can lead. >> she won't say yet whether that includes her in 2016. the campaign has started without her. this week the ready for hillary pac, unaffiliated with the clintons, picked up two top obama campaign field operatives, jeremy bird and mitch stewart. >> the lessons we learned in 2008 and 2012 probably the most important of which is if you want to run a winning, modern, 21st century national campaign you have to have the grass roots infrastructure there to support that candidacy. >> reporter: barack obama out organized her in 2008. now some of his former top campaign aides could help her. >> the fact that there is so much movement toward hillary clinton right now ought to give everybody else who is thinking about this pause beginning with joe biden. if he wants to get in this thing, if he wants to be competitive, he has to start ma
nationwide, they were asked what makes the perfect man. well, he's apparently very educated, successful by 40. rarely gets drunk and probably a doctor. in other words, he looks a lot like this guy, dr. mcdreamy, aka patrick dempsey who plays dr. derek shepherd on abc's "grey's anatomy." interestingly, they also rated pickup lines and this one was most effective, do you have a map because i just got lost in your eyes. >> that works? >> some of it -- >> no, no, no. >> that's from a song, right? >> in your eyes, right. >>> and when you think of george stephanopoulos, forget about his political savvy, the first thing that comes to mind for some, george, it's your crowning glory, your hair. >> it is beautiful. >> at least one person -- >> yes. >> luscious and dynamite. >> you've got a lot of it. >> very suave there and at least one person envisions you with a different look. dreadlocks. so let's take a look at it. there it is. dreadlocks. at least one person -- have you seen this in "the daily caller." which must have had a slow holiday weekend because someone took the time -- >> i like that one.
this was happening, i mean, you're a very attractive, bright, educated, successful woman. did your friends and family think you are out of your mind? >> many. many. my family was upset. they came around too. they came to love the girls and came around, but i lost my job. i lost a lot of things i was thrown off boards to directors. a lot of things happened. katie: you were married for five and a half years? >> while he was in prison. katie: so how do you maintain a marriage with a guy in prison? i mean, what was your relationship like? i know you got to visit him, right? >> yeah. and we in canada -- this was in canada, and we had conjugal visits. so every -- katie: how did that work? not to get too personal. you would go and visit and they would say here's a place you can go? >> you know what, katie, you go to prison, basically. there are trailers on the prison grounds. so i would have to leave -- if once i went in, it was 72 hours. and once i went in, there was no leaving unless i didn't come back. i couldn't go make a phone call. i couldn't go to work. so i had to sort of fix my life so i could go a
. they can fix it. they know it was a mistake. you can't compromise education in the country. they need to fix it. they keep saying it's easy because it will be retroactive. what do we know what the momentum is on this, and what are the chances it gets done any time soon? >> it's the but part. when you have the republican leadership, the democratic leadership, everybody saying it was a mistake those rates to go up. we're going to cut it back to 3.4%. we're going to do it retroactively. we'll take care of it. feel comfortable, right? except it's the united states congress. they all agree on the goal, but they still have differences on how to get there. chris, here's my biggest question mark. they're going to get here on the student loan issue if they stay in a vacuum. there' so many potential toxins in the water. they're going to get back to the debt ceiling, back to the budget. we just talked about immigration. in the senate, there are a bunch of obama nominees the republicans don't like, and there's a big fight over the rules. does this become hostage to the other dynamics, or can they
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)